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The L3-7035 series linear LED lighting made in China by us offers the gerneral and spot lighting in one luminaire. Three optical choices (PMMA cover, grating lens, both combination) will be easy to get your desired lighting effect in your office or retail.

Feature and benefit of L3-7035




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  • Different from the traditional linear light, L3-7035 modern rectangular linear series improve and integrate up indirect and down direct emitting, different optical design (PMMA diamond cover, grating lens) for non-glare lights. For example, you can choose up indirect + down grating anti-glare lens, or up no light + down PMMA cover in the middle and anti-glare grating lens at both ends.


  • The 70x35mm aluminum profile housing have three finish surface- silver, black or white. The available length is 60cm, 120cm, 180cm and 240cm. 2 slots in the aluminum housing are designed to link them together by the connecting parts for prolonging.
  • The latest high efficiency LEDs 2835SMD and 3030SMD from OSRAM are used on this luminaire for best light uniform.
  • DALI, 0-10V available and RF2.4G by remote will come soon. They will dim smoothly the lights from 100% to 0.
  • L3-7035 series offers pendant, ceiling surface and wall installations.
  • This luminaire is ideal for residential or commercial applications. Widely used in shopping mall, office, school, supermarket, hotel, kitchen, exhibition hall, hospital, etc.

Up and Down double side light emitting design

PMMA diamond cover for comfortable light

UGR<16 Grating lens for spot lighting

PMMA diamond cover in the middle and grating lens at ends

model encoding of led linear lighting_maxblue lighting

Model number:MB-L3-3570BUD3-40ND
Emitting direction:Upward and Downward emitting
Light source:Upward: SMD2835-168PCS;  Downward: OSRAM SMD3030-24PCS + SMD2835-144PCS
Luminous flux4200lm @ 4000K
WattageUpward 17W + Downward 23W
Voltage input:200-240VAC 50/60Hz
Housing finishBlack color
Cover and beam angleUpward PC cover 120 degree + Downward grating lens 34/48 degree at both ends and pmma diamond cover in the middle
MaterialAluminum + PC + ABS
Certification:CE, ENEC, RoHS
Warranty:3/5-year warranty
Usage:Indoor room lighting

testing report of led linear lighting_maxblue lighting

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About Maxblue Lighting

Maxblue Lighting is the designer and manufacturer of indoor linear LED Lighting in China since 2009.We can make linear led lights OEM & ODM custom to your specifications. This L3-7035 series is our latest one for office and retail market. Welcome to know more about us.

Design 90%
Manufacturing 95%
OEM & ODM custom 93%
Delivery speed 95%

See where the Linear LED Lighting works

These are very high quality led linear lighting with good solid construction. The up and down light emitting is perfect to install in the office corrider. My customer is very happy with that. Also impressed with packing and shipping.
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Josephine De Rietz
Very fast shipping and top product. I have ordered this item to build a bobloght addon to my XBMC Mediacenter and it works perfect. Thanks to the good product description, installation was easy and the LEDs are very bright.
Roland Mitterbauer

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