Project Description

Ceiling LED Lights 30W Driver-in-Connector Rail Track Lighting

This UltraCompact LED spot track lighting is more compact and clean than normal types. Since the pre-installed header combines 1/3-circut connector with the power supply part, it makes the aluminum lamp body shorter and still keeps enough cooling space for 1x30W high-power COB LED. This white/black powder-coated rail-mounted spot track lighting can be rotated 90° in vertical and 350° in horizonal, which is so flexible that it is perfectly suited for all kinds of shops as well as for living spaces.

Technical data

– 2700/3000/4000K with CRI>90/97Ra available
-1/3 Circuit Connector(Powergear) compatible with universal rail bar
-15°/24°/38°/60° high quality lens
-High light output of 3300 lumens
-Passive cooling
-Bayonet mount for easy installation

Model Number MB-TL03c-20W-CT90 MB-TL03c-30W-CT90
Wattage 20W 30W
Light Source 1x 20W CITIZEN COB 1x 30W CITIZEN COB
CCT&CRI 2700/3000/4000K@80/90/97Ra 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K@80/90/97Ra
Lumen Output 110lm/W @CRI80 110lm/W @CRI80
Lens Options 15°/24°/38°/60° 15°/24°/38°/60°
Voltage Input AC200-240V AC200-240V
Housing Size Ө90*L108mm Ө110*L108mm
testing report of led linear lighting_maxblue lighting
30W LED track lighting drawing