Neon is a chemical element discovered in London by Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers in 1898, and was explored to be as neon lights in France by Mr. Georges Claude in 1910. The traditional neon lights shines a bright light when the electricity is passed through it in the glass tube. It is complicated to make the traditional neon light since it needs to heat the glass tube to bend the shapes, insert the neon or other inert gas, etc.

Now the LED Neon lights is on the stage. It doesn’t use the neon gas any more, but the LED strip light inside. It is more flexible and more energy-saveing.Then a quick question comes in mind, why it still keeps the neon word in led neon light after all there is nothing related with neon anymore? Probabaly the neon has extended its meaning to colorful light, good memories, etc. Also probabaly LED neon light can bear and improve the business as traditional neon light does: a vivid and eye-catching display – for advertisements, signage, billboards, pop art, and more..

Now the traditional neon lamp is phasing out the market. People welcomes the LED neon rope and LED neon flex strip light to go into their DIY and creative living because they are easier to custom, safer to install, cheaper to buy and wider to be used in different areas: indoor and outdoor, home and business.
-Cove / accent Lighting
-Contour lighting outdoor or indoor
-Architectural outline
-Signage / display lighting
-Facade lighting

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