Different from the normal RGB + Warm/Cool white led strip, we implement a true warm/cool white diode after RGB chips in SMD5050. This four chips in one technology on led strips allows you to achieve a solid warm/cool white and millions of color changing with the rgbw led controller. Up to 30% greater brightness than normal rgb or rgb+white strip and more purity on color consistency, is a fantastic optimal lighting solution to you.

Product Feature

4 in 1 Design
The white chip inserts into the rgb chips per smd5050.

Pure White
Traditional RGB strip gives impurity white. Each segment per meter could have different color mixture when lighting Red, Green, Blue wires together. But our high-quality smd5050 will not have this problem. Each SMD and each roll strip will keep the same color mixture in each batch.

Perfect Heating Dissipation
Since the PCB board thickness and copper purity are greater, the heating dissipation for long time service is warranted perfectly.

Cuttable & flexible 
Same as normal strip, this rgbw strip can be cut per segment and connect them by fast connector in touring points and rgbw extension cable.

Product Specification 

Energy Rating A
LED Quantity 60 LED/M
LED Type/Brand SMD5050 RGBW 4 in 1
Luminous flux (light output) 1080 lm/m (White)
Power Consumption max. 17.2 W/m
Total Power Consumption max.86W / roll
Average life 50,000 hours
Input Voltage 24 V DC
Dimmable Yes
Colour Various, depends on controller used.
Beam angle 120°
Width 12mm
Thickness 3mm
Warranty 3 Years

Lighting Application

With this rgbw 4-in-1 led strip, you will not miss out the chances to create your own lighting world in your living room, bath room, kitchen room, etc.