With the powerful four chips in one rgbw led strip kit, you can get millions of colors changing by your finger on your smartphone or tablet devices easily. The cut-edge technology puts the white chip in the rgb chips, not like the rgb color and white color separately as before, which is the trend and will replace the traditional rgb and rgb+w led strip. Even though the white chip goes into a narrow space, the white part works perfectly and keeps 80Ra higher CRI.

The RGBW 4 chips in 1 SMD5050 DC24V LED Strip Kit includes:

1. DC24V four chips in one SMD5050 RGBW LED STRIP

In this led strips series, 60/72/84/96 leds per meter in single row on 12mm white fpc board are available. Different leds/m will deliver the different brightness/lumen. It depends on where you use them. If you would like to use this rgbw led strips for cars, boats, or show box interior, then 60 leds/m smd5050 rgbw led strip will be enough. Moreover, the scissors icon on the rgbw strip and the adhensive 3M tape, will encourage you to create wonderful lighting effect on your favorite with different shape or size.  Please check more detailed information of the 60leds/m rgbw 4 in 1 led strip .

2. 2.4GHz WiFi Compatible RGBW Multi Zone Controller with RF Remote

Connected the rgbw strip with this wifi led controller correctly, the lighting speed, brightness level, lighting mode can be controlled by the remote sending the 2.4GHz wifi signals to the controller. Also the remote can configure the led strips into different zones for different lighting effect.

3. ISO/Android device compatible Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub 

This wifi controller works under DC5v and can be powered on your laptop computer usb port. The biggest advantage is moving the RF remote panel to your android / IOS smartphone and tablets through installing the APP. The wifi led controller hub will bridge the multi zone controller simultaneously. Then you can control the rgbw 4 in 1 led strip on your phone or tablet easily. So if you would like use this way to control the strips, the RF remote could be not used any more.

4. DC24V Switching Power supply S-120W -24 with EU/US plug

This power supply is used to power on 5 meters rgbw 4 in 1 led strip 60leds/m. Higher wattage will be necessary if  longer strip is connected. 110~240V AC voltage input will switch to DC24V voltage output for led strip. If you need desktop power supply or higher wattage, please contact us freely. the plug is free charge to you.

5.  Led strip fast connector / latch for 12mm FPC rgbw led strip

You will need them to connect the strip. The inner width is exactly 12mm same as the width of our rgbw four in one led strip series.

6. 22AWG 5-conductor RGBW extension wire with fast connectors /latch

The wire color order is black/+, Gree/G, Red/R, Blue/B, Warm or Cool White/W. It keeps the same as the 15cm cable extended from led strip. Use them for your demand on your lighting projects.