LED Strip Light COB no spot LED Lightin_ Maxblue Lighting
LED Strip Light COB no spot LED Lightin_ Maxblue Lighting
neon flex strip led lighting- Maxblue Lighting
led downlight
led linear light
led track lighting 2 - Maxblue Lighting

Great product…this is my 3rd order for them. Super fast shipping and processing. Works for my LED panels, LED strips, easy to use and great color matching.

Mr. Rick Willett

Good as always. Michael is very professional and helpful. This time I got a custom made LED-strip that will be used as growlight.

Mr. Kristian Tunare

Dealing with Michael Zuo at Maxblue has been an absolute joy, after I misunderstood a products dimensions in the description provided which for me wasn’t accurate, he has gone out of his way to tailor a product to suit my needs with no fuss, I will be buying from Maxblue again certainly.

Mr. Tobias Bradley

Very fast shipping and top product. I have ordered this item to build a bobloght addon to my XBMC Mediacenter and it works perfect. Thanks to the good product description, installation was easy and the LEDs are very bright.

Mr. Roland Mitterbauer

I’m very satisfied of the quality of the alu profile and cover.
I’m very satisfied of the 220v led strip quality.
I’m very satisfied by your packaging.
Doubtless I will order again, I’m very satisfied (it’s not always the case with asian dealer)

Mr. Lionel Heymans

We can offer you reliable and affordable LED Lighting solution

If you have led lighting project that fits your needs, you are in the right place