Project Description

COB LED Strip Light

Chip on board (COB) or Flip Chip on board (FCOB) is a manufacturing method in which the chip is wired and directly bonded to the printed circuit board. This allows a dense arrangement of chips close to each other. If your would like to know how to make the flip chip on board/COB LED strip lighting, please Click Here.

Compared with SMD technology, which can only package 1-3 chips on the nano sapphire and gallium crystal substrate, COB can put more chips on the circuit board in the same space to provide more lumens and higher uniformity. LED light strips have been using SMD technology beads until 2019, such as SMD2835, SMD5050, SMD5630, etc. These light beads fix the lamp beads on the FPCB through SMT technology. However, even with the smallest lamp beads and the densest design, it can’t solve the problem of lighting spot. Now the fcob led strip lights solve that problem and output the truly dotless and continuous linear lighting.

SMD vs COB LED strip light - Maxblue Lighting

Flip Chip On Board LED Strip Lighting Advantage

:: Turly dotless & continuous, ideal for linear and indirect lighting
:: 180° beam angle, wider lighting distribution than 120° SMD LED beads.
:: Super perfect color unifomity, soft and cozy lighting without glare.
:: 12/24Vdc design available.
:: Constant current IC version available for same brightness between two ends.

COB LED Strip Light – static color, dual white, RGB and RGBW color

led strip cob rgb rgbw

dotless cob led strip installed in the furniture

led strip cob - maxblue lighting



  • Home furnishing lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Linear lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Shopping center lighting
  • Any simplicity lighting design