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RGBW 4 chips in 1 SMD5050 DC24V LED Strip Kit

With the powerful four chips in one rgbw led strip kit, you can get millions of colors changing by your finger on your smartphone or tablet devices easily. The cut-edge technology puts the white chip in the rgb chips, not like the rgb color and white color separately as before, which is the trend and

  • rgbw-led-strip-4-in-in-smd5050-dc24v_maxbluelighting

The Best Way to Mix The Warm/Cool White into RGB Color – RGBW 4 in 1 LED Strip

Different from the normal RGB + Warm/Cool white led strip, we implement a true warm/cool white diode after RGB chips in SMD5050. This four chips in one technology on led strips allows you to achieve a solid warm/cool white and millions of color changing with the rgbw led controller. Up to 30% greater brightness than